test socket pins

test socket pins for back-end packaging and testing

test socket pins

A test socket is a crucial element in Semiconductor product development and testing. Different types of test sockets are needed for different testing processes with specialized electrical and mechanical parameters. For a high performance test socket, the contactors, the pins in the socket, play a very important role in transferring the signal between the device under test (DUT) and the system with the least amount of signal attenuation or degradation.

To meet different demands for testing, Veco provides the industry with wide variety of test pin solutions with great design flexibility.

key features enabled by Electroforming

precision apertures
high precision with extreme feature accuracy
high precision metal parts with extreme feature accuracy down to ±1 μm can be made
superior chemical and mechanical stability
materials with superior chemical and mechanical stability, leading to longer lifetime and improved performance
co-development with design flexibility
with different processes of Electroforming, a variety of different types can be co-developed

technical specifications

Material: Nickel
Thickness: 70-140 μm
Dimensions: 60 μm – several mm’s
high precision high accuracy
superior chemical and mechanical stability
Freeform design
co-develop with Veco
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