micro nozzle plates

for ultra precise dispensing or atomization in wide range of applications

micro nozzle plates

Micro nozzle plates are widely used for precision dispensing of various liquids or gases. Typical applications include medical nebulizer plates/ meshes, flow control disks, and fuel injection nozzle plates. For highly accurate dispensing and control, it is vital for the nozzle plates to be precise and accountable at sub-micron level.

As a world leading specialist in precision engineering with the Electroforming technology, Veco has been working with customers in a wide variety of industries manufacturing and co-developing high precision nozzle plates that help extend innovativeness and success beyond their competitors. With Electroforming, high precision nozzle plates can be made with miniature holes down to 2 micron, providing excellent dispensing/jetting performance.

key features enabled by Electroforming

conical hole shape
unique hole configuration
the unique bell mouth hole shape enabled by our Electroforming technology, provides superior jetting performance
high precision and accuracy
high precision metal parts with extreme feature accuracy down to ±1 μm, can be made burr and stress free.
co-development support from our engineers with great design/redesign flexibility

applications of micro nozzle plates

flow discs

Electroforming is known as the perfect fabrication method for high accuracy flow discs with custom design patterns. Hole geometry is in perfect control which enables accurate and consistent dosing performance.

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nebulizer plates

In state of the art drug delivery systems enabled by Vibrating Mesh Technology, Veco’s nebulizer nozzle plate releases millions of micron-sized droplets per second through its unique geometry, forming a perfect fine mist for targeted delivery to the lung.

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fuel injection

Fuel injection is a typical example where high precision nozzle plates are of great importance. Veco has worked with industry leading companies in providing diesel fuel injector nozzle plates.

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