hearing aid components

micro precision components driving further miniaturization for hearing aids

hearing aid components

A hearing aid detects sounds and amplifies them for the user in need. It is a trend for the hearing aids to be smaller and more comfortable. Veco as the leading company in high precision metal components has been providing hearing aid manufacturers with innovative and efficient micro-sized components such as shock plates and miniature spacers used in hearing aid instruments.

With our high precision technology Electroforming we are able to produce, atom by atom, stress- and burr-free precision metal parts with tight tolerances.

key features enabled by Electroforming

freeform design
high precision high quality parts down to 30μm can be achieved with design flexibility
high precision
high precision metal parts with extreme feature accuracy down to ±1 μm, can be made burr and stress free
cost efficiency
rapid, accurate, and economic tooling, from prototype to mass production
zero defect
every single part is carefully monitored to meet the most demanding quality standards and guarantee consistency of the products
co-develop with Veco
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