more efficient, durable, and cost-effective H2 production

achieve up to 20,000 times of surface enlargement with Veco’s non-precious metal structures for electrodes

electrodes for H2 production

Electrodes are used for Electrolysis, Fuel-cells, and Desalination. Our electrodes with their unique properties are gaining interest mainly due to the worldwide ongoing energy transition from fossil into green energy, e.g. the electrolysis of water into Oxygen and Hydrogen gas. With our patented Ni-E³ process we are able to produce durable and sustainable Electrodes. On top of this improvement in production yield, there is also an improvement in financial efficiency due to zero waste and 100% recyclable products.

Ni-E³ is the name for our patented process to produce low-cost Electrodes for Electrolysis, Fuel-cells, and Desalination where the base material is electroformed Nickel which is stable in alkaline solutions. The main difference and huge advantage of these electrodes is the large surface area that can be achieved. Up to 14 times enlargement has been achieved when this Ni-E³ process is used. In addition, several coatings can be applied that can further result in a surface enlargement of up to 20.000 times resulting in yields that are unprecedented in today’s world. The Ni-E³ process is extremely sustainable due to zero waste making it a very interesting, cost-effective and future-proof technology in producing Electrodes. It is possible to co-develop Electrodes where aspects of the product can be customized to fit the customers’ needs such as thickness of the product and surface structure.

key features of Veco's electrode solutions

non-precious metal
our nickel electrode solutions prove considerable cost advantage over the current solutions with precious metal
high quality
to always provide our customers with the best quality, Veco has been certified to the latest version of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
prototype to mass production
from fast prototype to industrial production with ultimate precision, accuracy, and reproductivity
complex shapes and design configurations can be easily achieved with support of our R&D team

technical specifications

Material: Nickel
Thickness: up to 1 mm (thicker can be possible on request)
Maximum size: 1250 x 1380 mm
Surface enlargement of up to 20,000 times
Scalable, cost-effective, industrialized process
Lower cell voltages at higher current densities
co-develop with Veco
Talk to one of our engineers to learn about possibilities of our technology and how it can benefit your next-gen electrodes
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